Hubby Warehouse!

One fine May afternoon, a funny thing happened. For the first time ever, Luke Moellman, Matt Gajewski, Paul Bender, and Nick Kruge met in a sweaty Foster Building practice room at the University of Miami with one goal in mind: to strike up a rock band. “A rock band indeed”, said Paul, who was quickly hired for his dry wit. “I will play the drums and the keyboard based instruments,” said Luke. “I will play guitar,” said Matt. “I will play guitar also,” said Nick, “because rock bands often have two guitars, and I think it would be highly appropriate for the idiom if I also played guitar.”

And indeed it was. The fierce foursome tore through flesh and marrow to create music. Although this brought about a strong following within their college-aged peers, this rather violent approach, however metaphorical, sparked outrage from local mothers groups. “I don’t want my children listening to these flesh-and-marrow tearing groups,” complained Mrs. S Vickersdale of North Miami Beach. “It ought to be banned!” And banned it was.

But for the band, ‘banned’ was spelled a different way: B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G I-N D-I-S-G-U-I-Z-E. Their complete disregard for the law resulted in the creation of a strong underground following, the members of which were just as keen about disregarding the law. Soon, a number of hot spots (“van*gloria speakeasies,” as the authority would soon dub them) sprang up all over South Florida. The crowds were bountiful and bedazzled.