Sometimes, people ask what we sound like.

van*gloria issues urgent recall of unburned CDs

Becky England

[AP MIAMI-FL–] Following a major production oversight in which large quantities of unburned compact discs were packaged and distributed, van*gloria’s corporate sponsor Hubby Warehouse is issuing a mandatory recall on all copies of the self-titled van*gloria EP within the range of any one of the following serial numbers:

HDKG71000 - HDKG84000
GJFD43000 - GJFD43010
GJFD79200 - GJFD99000

Hubby Warehouse apologizes for any inconvenience.

Also, Hubby Warehouse would like to announce the new Limited Becky Edition of the van*gloria self-titled EP. It features the van*gloria pink elephant stencil and trademark V* drawn by England’s very own Becky England. This is a very limited editon deal with only two produced. These rare and collectible items will be available at van*gloria’s up and coming show Saturday Sept 2nd for POPLIFE @ the District. Copies will be personally signed and numbered by miss Becky England as well.

Further strides with sponsor: Hubby Warehouse

Although the band members may be scattered across continents and hemispheres, they are still as business savvy as ever. Paul “The Hustler” Bender has been working his angle, holding important round-table discussions in London and Cairo and Nick “The Schmoozer” Kruge has been treating high-class socialites to all sorts of extravagant Australian Outback adventures. Luke “Smooth-Ass” Moellman has been attracting the attention of the media with his abnormally smooth posterior and Matt “The Jangler” Gajewski has been holding down the fort in Miami to keep us from getting evicted, ready for another attack by the police, the neighbors, or the neighboring police. After a few weeks of “workin’ the rounds” on those “corporate minks” everyone at van*gloria is pleased to announce that, following the success of their first, self-titled EP release, Hubby Warehouse has agreed to sponsor several more productions.

The first will be a full-length album release, professionally mastered and packaged. Although it is still up in the air, it is expected to land some time around the beginning of 2007 and will be engineered and produced by van*gloria.

Barring any unforeseen difficulties with our gracious sponsor, Hubby Warehouse, we have also been authorized to shoot several films and music videos, which will have scattered release dates between September 2006 - June 2007. They will be published to vangloria.net and links will be available from the media page, so be sure to check back often.

For now, this is all. As long as everyone makes it back to Miami okay, van*gloria will be recommencing its services sometime in Mid-September with shows, media, and great times.

Thank you.

Summer Plans: Europe

Well, this is the time we say thanks….
Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and parties,
Thanks to everyone who threw pies,
Thanks to all those who dressed in animal costumes,
Thanks to all those who released the confetti,
Thanks to everyone who bought a CD,
Thanks to everyone who came to our house, chillled on our trampoline and ate meat,
We love you Miami, like we love the annoying brother we always fight with.
We shall return after hiatus to Australia, Winsconsin, Europe and New York.
It shall be glorious.

Art and commerce

van*gloria is proud to announce a business partnership with Hubby Warehouse, a discount online boutique with a sizeable stock of mail-order husbands. Look for a series of Hubby Warehouse-sponsored short films on our website’s Media Page in the coming weeks. Three cheers for the marriage of art and commerce!

And don’t forget - we play TONIGHT at Cocowalk @ 10 PM, the U of Miami Rathskeller @ 10 PM on Fri. March 3, and the Titanic Brewery on April 1st.