Art and commerce

van*gloria is proud to announce a business partnership with Hubby Warehouse, a discount online boutique with a sizeable stock of mail-order husbands. Look for a series of Hubby Warehouse-sponsored short films on our website’s Media Page in the coming weeks. Three cheers for the marriage of art and commerce!

And don’t forget - we play TONIGHT at Cocowalk @ 10 PM, the U of Miami Rathskeller @ 10 PM on Fri. March 3, and the Titanic Brewery on April 1st.

van*gloria releases debut album, sources say

pink elephant album

Miami, FL - Atomisk World Headquarters has been subpoenaed to turn over eight new tracks by local band van*gloria as federal authories step up a probe of the record label’s rumored “indie disco rock” activities. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the eight songs will be available to the public in an “album”, which can be procured by contacting luke at vangloria dot net or visiting vangloria.net/media.

The album allegedly contains hand claps, opera singing, and brief passages in 11/4 time. Atomisk officials were unavailable for comment.

Music and photos online

For your listening pleasure, four full-length van*gloria mp3’s are now available to download for free on the media page. Two photo galleries have also been added.

Site Launched… sort of

Welcome to the sparkly new official van*gloria site. Most of the site isn’t even operational as of yet, but I just wanted to post what we have before Hurricane Wilma plows through South Florida. Check out the forum and sign up for an account. Its pretty much the only thing up at this point, and it is still in the testing phases, but feel free to log on and poke around.

Also, don’t forget to check out our page on MySpace.com, where you can listen to some of our songs and see when and where we’ll be playing next.